Chimera Music is an international group of musicians with roots in the demoscene
and the tracker community, releasing high-quality music in native module format as well as mp3.

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About the group

Chimera Music was founded in November 2006 as five musicians from the community set out to provide the tracker scene a regular dose of high-quality tracked music. We styled ourselves after the tracker groups of the 1990s and early 2000s, although in this day and age one might consider us a netlabel just the same.

We don't follow strict stylistic guidelines; among our releases you can find a wide range of genres: ambient, techno, chiptunes, synthpop, house, experimental noise, and more. Whenever possible, we distribute the source modules. We recommend XMPlay for playing back IT, XM, S3M and MOD files. (X)RNS files can be played back with Renoise.

Chimera Music is always open for talented tracker musicians. If you'd like to do a guest-release or join our crew, get in touch with us using the contact form.


  The Netherlands Alpha C / trbl organizer, music, code
  Sweden John Marwin music
  Australia JvK music
  Sweden MrGamer co-organizer, music
  France Okeanos / Nuance ^ eXtrait music, code
  Argentina Rayko music
  Yozfitz Yozfitz music


Cheers to the following guests for having worked with us on various releases!

  United States coda / SVatG music
  Poland Jakim / eXtrait music
  Sweden Joule / SKE music
  Germany ko0x / SKE ^ trbl ^ Gravity music, graphics
  Sweden Malmen / Brainstorm ^ SKE music
  Poland Michu / Titan music
  Venezuela Ui graphics
  Russia Vibe / Cornercut music
  The Netherlands Xyce / Titan music

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