Chimera Music is an international group of musicians with roots in the demoscene
and the tracker community, releasing high-quality music in native module format as well as mp3.

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[ 027 ] Devoid
by MrGamer
music pack (11-Nov-2013)
[ 026 ] Aeronautics
by Alpha C
single (11-Apr-2012)
[ 025 ] Aether
by Chimera Music
music pack (24-Mar-2012)

oneliner oneliner

this space for rent
Alpha C (07-Jun-2017 00:32)

I wish I would ever round up my lost-in-limbo projects :/
yozfitz (02-Oct-2016 04:08)

Ok3anos was there.
Ok3anos (29-Aug-2016 14:05)

Poopfart (16-Feb-2016 17:47)

hey! We rule, guys!
yozfitz (04-Apr-2015 17:24)

You rule guys!
Veexzer (10-Feb-2014 01:28)

in case anyone is still paying attention... new stuff is brewing :)
Alpha C (29-Oct-2013 00:25)

yeah bad about Modulez i did listen there now and then :(
Mandrake (23-May-2013 13:15)

Time to troll this oneliner...
MrGamer (28-Apr-2013 04:33)

hi all! jvk is back!
jvk (05-Apr-2013 14:26)

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news [ archive ]

Chimera 027: MrGamer - "Devoid"
Needless to say, we were much overdue for a new release. Our man from the first hour, Andreas Rohdin a.k.a. MrGamer, treats you with a collection of 6 brand new Renoise tracks. Clocking in at a bit over 21 minutes, "Devoid" follows the the recognizable and melodic MrGamer recipe, taking hints from synthesizer pop, chip music, and the classic tracker/demoscene sound.
Have a listen and enjoy the release! We in Chimera Music are thrilled to be back.

Permalink | Posted on 11 Nov 2013 by Alpha C

In memory: (2000-2013)
After an extended period of inactivity, has been shut down for good. This tracker scene community was the birthplace of Chimera. We'd like to thank Yero and the other staff members for their dedication to the site, and we look back at the good times with fondness!

A memorial page and a static snapshot of the site are hosted at

Permalink | Posted on 03 May 2013 by Alpha C

Chip Chop #15 by Desire
During the same weekend as the much anticipated Revision 2013 demoparty, Desire released their Amiga musicdisk Chip Chop #15. It features 16 .MOD chiptunes from such renowned artists as Jeroen Tel (a.k.a. WAVE), Jester, Chromag, Xyce, Dalezy and Clawz, but there's also a small contribution from Chimera member Alpha C. Feel free to peruse one of the links below if you want to check it out.

Download Chip Chop #15
Full recording (YouTube)
Production page (
Space Command (

Permalink | Posted on 05 Apr 2013 by Alpha C

Alpha C live @ Eindbaas 11 open stage
Alpha C played a short live set at the open stage of the Eindbaas 11 chip music event. Although no actual recording was made, here is a reconstruction of the set:

Permalink | Posted on 20 Jan 2013 by Alpha C

3ln & Chimera Music - "JPB" (web browser demo)
At the Evoke demoparty which took place in Cologne, Germany between 10-12 August, Chimera in co-operation with demogroup 3ln released the web browser demo "JPB". The concept and soundtrack were based on Alpha C's track "Jetpack Bunny" which was part of the Aether pack (Chimera #025). Code and graphics were done by mog of 3ln. The production placed 5th in the 'alternative platform' competition. Due to time constraints we cannot guarantee the demo running correctly on anything else than Chrome at the moment.

Watch online
Live footage (by m0d)

And feel free to post any comments you might have at :).

Permalink | Posted on 16 Aug 2012 by Alpha C



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